About Us

Keagile Wellness Development Centre (KWDC) is a Non-Profit Organisation run by qualified HPCSA registered mental health practitioners. As an organisation we predominantly focus on the psychological well-being and empowerment of individuals and communities, as well as social and youth development.

As a pioneering NPO we are solely dedicated to the upliftment and empowerment of in-school and out-of school youth, particularly those who are vulnerable and come from marginalized communities. Our mission is that of improving the lives of the country’s youth with the desire to improve Africa as a whole.

In fulfilling our mission, KWDC provides numerous developmental and solution-driven programmes to transform the lives of young people in Gauteng. Central to its activities is skills development, career guidance and a compelling wellness programme/psycho-education and training aimed at improving the well-being of communities particularly the youth and women.

Keagile Wellness Development Centre aims to be the most operative and dynamic NPO in accomplishing its mission and thereby playing a significant role in the country’s development sector. Our services are however, not limited to schools only as they are made accessible to other Community- Based Organizations in Tshwane.



  • To empower the youth and communities.
  • To develop new generations of productive citizens in healthy societies.



  • To serve humanity through the provision of preventative, developmental counselling services and interventions.
  • Making mental health care services accessible to those vulnerable individuals who come from historically disadvantaged communities.
  • Strengthening the capacity of individuals, families, communities and organisations to address mental health needs through Psycho-education and training and the promotion of primary psychosocial well-being.
  • Provide services and supports that maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience and support the recovery and/ or identification of mental illness by making referrals to appropriate professionals or other appropriate resources.



  • Resilient individuals and communities with the capacity to bring about social change.