KWDC Drug and Substance abuse programme 2016-2017

City of Tshwane is a Youthful City, 36% of the 2, 9 million population is youth, and 51, 4% of youth population in City of Tshwane use drugs. Drug and Substance abuse contribute to socials ills such as; Poverty, HIV, Violent crime, Unemployment due to school drop-outs or inability to keep jobs, and damage to health. According to the SAPS stats Over 60% of crimes committed are linked to use of drugs.

 The KWDC drug and substance abuse programme focuses on demand reduction, in line with the National drug master plan. It involves activity-based workshops using psychological tools, drug awareness and free counselling. The programme will be offered to in school and out of school youth, which includes directly affected youth and also community members who are indirectly affected by the drug and substance abuse problem in communities. This programme will be recorded and KWDC will maintain a psychological relationship with the focus groups that will be formed from the workshops.

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